This site is to introduce you to the art and beauty of surfing waves through the art of surfing posters and surfing pictures and the surfing t shirt. If you are a beginner or experienced surfer chasing information on aurfing and what surfboard you should choose have a look at the choosing a surfboard page. It's full of surfing tips for the beginner surfer and surfing tips for the more experienced surfer that may need a little surf coaching. If its the inspiration of surf pictures, surf and surfing posters, beach posters, island posters, or surfboard pictures, snap the shark. If it's surf spots and surftravel tips about travelling to the Pacific islands through to Bali and indonesia drop in on the surfer.

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If you broke it, lost it, need it cheap or just can't find it anywhere else, find it at eBay!

The surfer, the surfing waves, the surfingpicture, the human interaction between nature and beast, the surfing picture, there on the wall in your favourite surfing posters is a reminder that all can be as it should. Take a blank wall and give it a life, Take a blank surf shirt and turn it into a surfing t shirt. The ocean and the surf combine into a surf posters and surfing t shirts. Looking at surfposters can be like seeing a whole new world. It can help inspire us to greater achievements and help us to see our desired future direction inside the surf poster itself. It keeps keep the dream alive, as a reminder to you as you pass by it hanging there. Many things can be seen about you in the type of surf pictures that you have on your wall or the surfing t shirt that you wear. They're are your badge an outward statement of what you believe in. Lets face it most surf magazines are made up of little content and are full of surfing pictures of what we ride and what we wear. There are so many surfing wave photographers lining the beaches in Hawaii today, looking for those surf pictures to then turn them into surf posters or have them sold to one of the surfing poster type magazines.


Imagine a world where there are so many secret surfing spots, so many points, reefs, bays and waves - so few of which have been surfed. Surftravel and surfing posters can take you to strangelands and strange customs, different kinds of animals and sea life. A world where most people are genuine and generous . Well this is our world.

Surftravel can take you to many places. Surftravel road is a road that exists in the dreaming of the surftraveller. It takes you to places that you can only imagine. Usually what keeps us home is lack of inspiration. A surfers mind needs constant reminding about surfing and surftravel, a surfers wall without a surfposter can be seen as a statement of a surfer with a lack of inspiration. Most surfers are also artists. At school they like to draw surfing pictures during class, and in those surfpictures they would always go for some sort of surfposter design, and in those drawings they would see themselves, the wave always perfect, the surfer always drawing clean lines as he or she smacked the lipped as they came out of that pipeline type barrel. As the surfer gets older that feeling of inspiration is always there it just sometimes wants to be fed. That is where the surfing pictures and surf posters can help fill that need. Sometimes it's all that is needed to take you back on the surftravel road.

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.Hunuwan islet is a small island off a bigger island near even a bigger island. it's in the N.W.Pacific and it goes unridden 8 months of the year 'cause i'm not there and the locals don't surf. It has a consistent right hander which holds up to 10-12 foot, best at 8foot+ and the other wave on the island is a gem at 6foot, shallow breaking and hollow.









Surfing is a voyage, every wave , all the surf posters, surfingpictures,
every place and every used surf board. It all identifies me. It doesn't matter if you are riding new surfboards or used surfboards. Both have their uniqueness and history. The surfboard is a work of art, handcrafted, eyed and felt. The smell of fresh resin on your new board is as good a feeling as an early morning offshore. The used surfboard might have the battle scars of long forgotten swells, but each ding or depression has its place in our surftravels. We sometimes under estimate the value of our used surfboards, discarding them to the garage. We should bring them out and display them in pride of place. We owe them much.


Thinking about hitting the road, it's a long and open one. SURFTRAVEL is the true essence of surfing, and being a surfer and experiencing first hand the culture and dangers of faraway places, put you in touch with the basic need and desire of "what's on the other side of the hill". We've all seen the pictures of SURF TRIPS and their surf posters of exotic islands with their perfect waves. There are so many out there with their coral reefs and headlands and their perfect waves going unridden until the surf traveller and his well used surfboards turn up. Forget about living your surf travel through the surfing pictures of magazines and surfing posters, use them only to inspire your next trip.

So you are itching to pack up and go? Pull out the surf maps, the surf guide books and the island posters. Sometimes the hardest decision of all is when and where to go. All places in the world where ocean touches land, there is a chance of surfing waves. Some chances are better that others of course but all can have their gem days and times when surf travelling and wave action are at their peak. When you look at a map of India through to Australia you'll see a group of large and
small islands forming a barrier line to greater asia above it. Could this be the greatest place on Earth for SURF TRAVEL? Totally unhindered by any land mass to the south of it , all the way to the greatest swell generator the earth has to offer, the roaring forties. These swells travel thousands of miles sorting themselves into clean lines to break into the coral reefs lining the archipelagos from the Andaman island chain through Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sumba and Timor. These islands have a climate that's hot and moist, more consistently than probably any other part of this planet.
Because of its size and geographic position these islands are a major regional center of Biodiversity. There are Orangutans, Birds of Paradise, Tigers and monkeys all to share with you that lonely stretch of unsurfed beach. Ahh so keep your eyes keen. If your towel goes missing have a look up a tree. If there are large paw prints in the sand forget it. So many of the worlds best and richest fruits come from this area, and some of the local food is so fantastic. Like the Europeans, cooking and the preparation of food is a highly appreciated task.
"Surf travel" travelling these archipelagos you need to have your wits about you. There are many ways to go about it. The legends way, just jump on a plane and rock up under prepared or spend a bit of time studying the seasons and equiptment needed and maximise your time in the water. There are plenty of commercial travel agents that will take you by the hand from the airports, feed you, transport you and even scratch your back if that's the sort of organized trip you want. It certainly is a great way to spend the limited time your 4 weeks annual leave allow you, and it puts you in the water with the best chance of having that treasured memory of surftravel in the middle of nowhere.


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