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Archaeologists studying the world's oldest horseposter in
France ask "have we changed much from the desire to express ourselves such as the horsepictures painted on the walls of France's Grotte Chauvet?" It's evident that we have not. The love of horse posters and horsepictures in general, find a desire to display an image so dear and so beautiful. The houses of the time were caves, and then like us now the inhabitants felt the desire to decorate and make their surrounds more homely and comfortable. These ancient artists were magnificant in their depiction of horses and other animals and if given the access to print, horseposters would've been seen in all the best caves.

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Horse Trails

Our horseposters are as individual as you are. Imagine an early rideup the mountain, the frost just starting to release its moisture to the grasses. Sunrise in the mountains, you've never thought that in the quiet there is so much to feel and explore The sweat on your horse matches the adrenalin in the both of you. You take it back to a slow pace and breath deep, A sense of oneness envelopes you , your horse, the mountains and sky. Life is great, forget about the wishing wells of promised favors. Slowly life came to you and fast it moves past. Grab it with an enthusiastic greed. It's there if you take it or not, it's no difference to 'life'.

There is always somebody who sees it. The essence of existence, the thing that is, the grounding of life. On that cool morning you see it through the breath of both the rider and the horse. The pureness of exhalation. The picture of it stays with you in a way that keeps you at ease. So what better way to remind yourself of these treasures of life than to have horse posters or horse prints on your wall. The ancients in the first homes did, we really haven't moved too far away from those needs, have we?

If you love the feel of the spring and its sunshine warming your face, or appreciate in the delights of nature, then a poster or a picture upon the wall of the barn or house will bring a little piece of magic to already an appreciative outlook.

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