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This is a mighty fine collection of surfposters and surf pictures i have chosen to display here. However by no means is it all i've got. By hitting on any of the surfposters here you will be magically transported to a special place reserved for those who surftravel and who dare seek the treasures of Hunuwan and its many surfposters. Many have come and many have left satisfied.Also check out the more SURFING PICTURES page on the link at the bottom.

Go surfing amongst all the noise and haste, and feel the peace there is to be found in silence. Be on good terms with all in the line up, but listen to those who may be dull and ignorant of surfing, for they too have their story. Avoid the loud and the aggressive surfers, they are vexations to the the sport. Wallowing in their own glory.

Becoming vain and bitter is not on the surftravel road. Always there will be greater and lesser surfers than yourself. Enjoy planning and enjoy your achievements. Put time into your surfing, it is your possession and is evolving as you evolve.

Most surfers strive for a high level of performance, but don't let this blind you to the grovel in the shorebreak. It too has its place. Be yourself and enjoy the compliments of others without it pumping your pride and becoming cynical of other surfers abilities. Because your own ability is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the abilities of the grommet.

Train yourself in strength and spirit to shield youself in heavy surf, and stay calm as you find your way back to the surface. Make friends in the lineup because many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. The ocean is for everyone 2 legged and finned, be disciplined and respectful with it. It will be still here long after you, and it deserves your respect.

Therefore, be at peace with your God, whatever it is to you. And whatever your dreams and labors in this noisy confusion of life, try and keep peace with your soul. With all its crap and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world, strive to be cheerful and happy.

From a graffitied wall, Bondi circa 1962.

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